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Healthy Eating Habits for Children


5 healthy eating habits for your children

kid eating

If you want to ensure that your children have good health, you should check the habits of your children eating first. By teaching your children to eat in a healthy way, it can help them to grow better and have a healthy weight. Here are 5 healthy eating habits that you can practise with your kids:

Eat more vegetable and fruit:


Healthy eating habit starts from encouraging your kids to eat more vegetable and fruit. Usually children are so picky about food and they seem not to like vegetable much, so as a parents we should try to persuade our children to eat all the food on the table. Most importantly , we should be a role model for our kids by eating vegetable in front of them first and then you can tell them the benefits of vegetable.

Encourage your children to eat slowly:


Eating slowly can help to digest food better and also it will lead to healthy eating for your children. While your kids is are having meal, you can sweetly remind them not to eat too fast. Most importantly, a child can detect hunger and fullness better when they eat slowly.

Eat together as family:


You should consider a meal time as the best time to share fun and joy with family members. Making the eating time more pleasant with your children, so that your children will not eat fast in order to leave the table as soon as possible. Don't take the meal time to blame and argue with each other because your children will not want to stay at the table long and they will finish their meal so fast in order to avoid arguments.

Discourage eating meals in front of TV:


It is very unhealthy to let your child eat alone in front of TV. You should try to find time to eat with them so that they will not eat alone. Eating in front of the TV may make it difficult to pay attention to feelings of fullness and it is a high change to be overeating. Healthy eating should be in dining room or suitable places to sit and eat.