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End Picky Eating Habits of Kids


5 ways to end picky eating habits of your kids


It's a simple thing that many children are picky eaters. Being picky about food is very hard for most parents to deal with their children. They sometimes struggle a lot when their children refuse to eat the food on the table. However, you don't need to be worried anymore of how to persuade your children to eat by just following these 5 ways:

.No other choices:


When your children refuse to eat what on the table, you should state exactly that “This is what we have for lunch. If you don't want to eat all the food is fine, but there's no other food.” It's sound like threatening, but sometimes you have to be strict and state exactly of your point so that your children will start to sense that they should follow your order. Then they will decide to eat the food or not. I'm sure after they listen to this, they will be highly to quit their picky eating habits.

Try to eat meal together:


How come you can end your children habit of picky eating if you don't even sit at the table to eat with them? You have to be involved with your children when it comes to dinner or lunch. More than that, they will appreciate your present to eat with them, so they will try to eat the food on the table. Kids also eat more when they have people to eat with.

Establish a routine:


To end a picky eating habit of your children , you should have a clear eating schedule setting for them. They should know when they should eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they know the time exactly, they will be aware of the snack they eat since they know that it's nearly dinnertime, so they should keep their stomach empty to eat dinner.

Make mealtimes pleasant:


If the mealtimes are fun and pleasant, your children will definitely looking forward to eating with the family again. They will not picky about food to eat when they feel happy at the table. You should also try to avoid arguments during the mealtime since it can distract their feeling to eat.